Akeneo Integration

History of Akeneo

Founded in 2013, Akeneo developed product information mangement software from its headquarters in France. The uniqe company name is derived from the Greek word akene, and refers to the achenes fruit produced by dandelions which spread and flower via the wind. Akeneo saw this fruit as a source of inspiration for their PIM software. Since its founding, the company has continued to grow and is offered as a PIM integration with Magento which is designed to centralize all product information and data.

Do I Need to Connect Akeneo to my Magento Store?

More and more online merchants rely on an omnichannel approach to selling. As your Magento store continues to scale and product offering expands, you will need a system for managing all product data across all sales channels. That’s where Akeneo’s PIM integration with Magento comes in.  This software contains all your product information and shares it with your Magento store as well as all your internal business operations. As your company grows it will be easy to keep up with demand, bring new products to market, ensure consistent product messaging across channels.

Some of the benefits you can expect when integrating your Magento store with Akeneo PIM:

  • Greater control of product data quality and accuracy across all channels.
  • Business departments from supply chain and marketing, to sales and customer service, all access and work with the same information.
  • Easily create attributes, categories, and product page images, videos, and 3-d models for an enhanced customer experience.
  • Your Magento store will be able to launch new products quicker with decreased time to market.

We Can Help!

Do you need help integrating Akeneo to your Magento 2 store, or just have some questions on how to do so? We can take care of it for you and answer all your questions! The team at 121eCommerce can easily connect Akeneo to the backend of your Magento store and ensure all data is synced properly.


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